Covid-19 Summer of 2020

So sorry about not posting earlier – it’s not that we haven’t been sailing and chartering, we’ve actually been out as much as normal, but with the added work involved with keeping our customers and our boat safe in the time of Covid-19. Hopefully by next summer we can be more back to normal with more emphasis on getting pictures and video to capture Camden Harbor and all of our local nautical destinations.

We are still sailing and accepting some new charters, so be sure we are still here for your sailing experiences. Thank you!


Camden Classics 2019

What an amazing weekend to be on the water on Penobscot Bay!   Each year, Lyman-Morse at Wayfarer sponsors a regatta with over 80 sailboats, most of them vintage classics.  What an incredible sight to witness these beautiful vessels competing on two “blue bird” days with terrific wind.   Check out all the photos and don’t miss it in 2020!!



Pulpit Harbor trip


Charter guests, Scott & Colleen enjoyed perfect conditions as Sagacious set off for the first trip to Pulpit Harbor (one of my favorite spots)  this season.  Check out Pulpit Rock (complete with a giant osprey nest on top), marking the entrance to this beautiful harbor on North Haven.    This harbor is a “hurricane hole”, meaning it offers full protection from the elements of the Atlantic.    It is favored by many a sailor either to weather a storm or just enjoy the scenic vistas of the Camden Hills in the distance.  We had the harbor to ourselves today but it is usually pretty full in the mid-summer months where one can enjoy the views of the beautiful schooners at anchor at night.

Conditions today couldn’t have been more perfect!




Sailing the Bay

Check out this picture of “Sagacious” taken from my friends on “Sally W”!   Looking forward to taking out more charter guests on Penobscot Bay for a private sailing charter! Sagacious has a few upgrades this year including a brand new dodger (thanks to my friends at Lyman-Morse at Wayfarer).   Bring on the sunshine, warm temps and fair winds!

Second best one



Spectacular Clouds over Penobscot Bay

Had a wonderful evening sail this evening with charter guests Jennifer and Eric.   Eric was celebrating his 60th birthday and Jennifer surprised him with a charter on Sagacious.  It was really quite the birthday, complete with oysters on the half shell and lobster!   As we sailed out of Camden you could see thunderstorms to the north of us.  Check out the wild cloud formation – quite a beautiful sight!

Another great day on Penobscot Bay!

What a great day on Penobscot Bay with the Mahogany Salon of Camden, Maine:  On July 30, the entire salon took sail for their annual sailing charter on Sagacious.  The weather was perfect – one of those rare days where the temperatures were not unlike the Caribbean!

Once we left the harbor and rounded Curtis Island Light we turned north and headed up the bay.  A beautiful gentle breeze kicked up just as 3 harbor porpoises played tag off of our stern.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen them that close to the boat – it was truly exhilarating to see these animals racing around our wake!

The next stop was a lunch at Warren Island State Park.  The entire salon, went for a swim off the boat and even managed to coerce Captain Nancy in.  After our refreshing swim, we continued on through Gilkey Harbor to see a ton of seals napping on Minot Ledge.   Passing the Ensign Islands we then turned to starboard for a brisk sail at 7.4 knots back to Camden Harbor.  Can’t wait to take them out again next year!

Here’s a short video of us under sail!

Mahogany Salon

Sunshine on Penobscot Bay!

It is has been a beautiful week for sailing on Penobscot Bay. We have had spectacular blue skies, good winds and warm temps!   Check out the beautiful photos from Scott & Retta on their private charter. The fog cleared out just as we left Camden Harbor.  What a shot of Curtis Island lighthouse!  If you are looking for a sail that has a “personal touch”, and  is different from the typical tourist tours, make sure to give Captain Nancy a call at (207)691-6547 or write to


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